Caught : Star heroine chatting with BF at a funeral

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018, 12:00:54 PM IST

Bollywood’s star heroine, Alia Bhatt is being applauded for face timing her boyfriend, Ranbir Kapoor, at the funeral of latter’s grandmother Krishna Raj Kapoor. Yeah, you read that right, she is receiving a positive response for her acts. Wonder how? Here is the complete story.

The wife of Bollywood’s legendary actor Raj Kapoor, Krishna Raj Kapoor breathed her last yesterday. She is the mother of Rishi Kapoor and the grandmother of Bollywood actor, Ranbir Kapoor.

Rishi, along with his wife Neetu and Ranbir flew abroad in order to receive medical treatment for his ailments. Sadly, they could not attend the funeral event, owing to Rishi’s schedules at the hospital.

However, Alia Bhatt tried her best to keep Ranbir updated about what was going on here. Reportedly, the young actress was seen face timing(video chatting) Ranbir Kapoor so that he can catch a glimpse of his beloved grandma’s final rites. A few video clips featuring these acts have surfaced online and netizens are all praises on Alia.

Well, this may prove the love that this couple is sharing towards each other but a few people are saying that Ranbir could have altered his schedules and attended the final rites of his grandmother.

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As the First Lady of Bollywood Krishna Raj Kapoor ji went to her heavenly abode, it was heart tugging to not see her favourite son Rishi Kapoor ji & grandson Ranbir during her final go. Apparently, Rishi-Neetu ji are in US for his treatment. Whereas Ranbir went to Abu dabi a night prior to his dadi's death! Here, Alia was trying to Face Time Ranbir whom she has saved as "RK", so that he could be a virtual part of the final rites of his beloved granny 😭But alas, the disconnection issues made it impossible! Karan & Abhishek asked her if it worked but she shakes her head disappointed 😞 I'm so proud of you jaan for carrying out your responsibilities with dignity & grace. For going to meet the Kapoor clan, spending time with them until the cremation, standing with them, supporting & solacing them at such a grieving hour ❤ Your just like your Dad, always there for people who need you! Bc as my daddy says "It is better to be there for someone who grieves, at a funeral than being at a wedding", I'm extremely proud to stan you 😭😻 Ofc, inhuman peeps would call it all a PR again but the cheap, rude comments under most media posts regarding Krishna ji's death are intolerable! If you can't respect a deceased soul, your no human. Let the family get their much needed peace at this phase of sorrow. Your harsh words aren't going to touch their vicinity 💫 But what confused and pressed me more is that the religious customs & rituals couldn't wait for Rishi sir & Bira to arrive and be part of the mourning 😫 It was so heartbreaking 💔 to know Bir is all there alone, probably guilty of leaving a night prior, when his colleagues & fam could attend the funeral. I hope no one goes through that guilt 😔😭 How badly I wanted his dadi to attend Bira's wedding & see him settled 😔 I send all my deepfelt condolences & prayers to the entire clan along with my Bir. She's irreplaceable but we can assure ourselves that she might have met her beloved husband up there 🌸 ❤🌠 #krishnarajkapoor #RIP #angelsdontdie #foreverremembered #condolences

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