Talk: Bold heroine’s demands are scaring producers

Friday, October 5th, 2018, 02:50:27 PM IST

Payal Rajput made a dashing debut into the Tollywood film industry with RX 100. The glamorous actress put up a bold performance in the movie by acting in quite a few intimate scenes.

Everyone in the industry thought that the actress will be flooded by movie offers but that is not the case here. Payal is yet to sign a film in Telugu and it is being heard that her over-the-top demands are the reason behind the same.

As said by sources, Payal is asking for business class tickets for her journeys from Punjab to Hyderabad and also quoting astronomical numbers(remuneration) to sign a movie. Also, she has been stressing on the point that the producers should not restrict her expenses when she is in Hyderabad.

Well, all these aspects seem to be working against Payal. The North Indian needs to acknowledge the fact that she is just a 1-movie-old heroine, say cine followers.