Talk : ‘Sri Reddy’ tag is stopping Tollywood heroines

Friday, October 12th, 2018, 07:12:55 PM IST

It is well-known that Sri Reddy created a havoc in the Telugu film industry by making shocking allegations against the big wigs in the industry.

She claimed that many prominent people in the industry used her physically by saying that they will giver her movie offers but no one helped her.

A similar movement of sorts, #MeToo is currently taking Bollywood by storm. Many actresses are openly sharing their experiences and accusing men of physical assaults.

However, heroines from Telugu industry are staying mum on the issue. They are condemning such incidents but are not uttering a word about their real-life experiences.

Many people are saying the likes of Kajal, Rakul, and Samantha are not speaking about these incidents, fearing they would be given next Sri Reddy tag as our people got used to such claims from the controversial actress and would stereotype anyone who makes such allegations in the future.

The top divas in the industry have long careers and they would have faced at least one such experience but they are not daring to speak about the same, said a few netizens.