TDP-Congress: Rahul to make it official today?

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018, 10:50:25 AM IST

Indian National Congress Party president, Rahul Gandhi will be visiting Kurnool district today as a part of his political campaign. Interestingly, we have been hearing that the Congress party and TDP are all set to form an alliance in Telangana. If this turns to reality, it would be interesting to watch how these parties tackle the challenges laid in front of them in Andhra Pradesh.

The TDP forces are in a dilemma as they have no clarity on Rahul’s political stand. If he speaks out against TDP’s lackluster governance in AP, the public will cross-question their alliance in Telangana.

On the other hand, if Rahul supports TDP, the opposition parties will make a meal out of it by saying that the TDP joined hands with the party which divided the state in an unruly manner and is the main culprit for all the troubles the people are facing currently.

Here comes the big question. Will Rahul Gandhi clear the air and make an official statement regarding their alliance with TDP? This question will be answered today.