TDP leader’s weird challenge

Monday, June 4th, 2018, 01:33:59 PM IST

TDP leader Buddha Venkanna threw a strange challenge to the regional BJP party. He vowed to tonsure his head if the BJP can succeed in making even a single deposit towards the development of Andhra.

He stated that the corruption and betrayal of the BJP Regional President would be soon out in the open and people will teach him a lesson for his acts. Speaking about the party chief Chandra Babu, he said, “It is only because he fought against the Centre’s injustice towards AP that the BJP’s graph drastically fell across the nation.”

He also recalled Chandra Babu’s words and said that TDP will play major role in the future and it will Chandra Babu who will lead the nation hereafter. The TDP has been passing statements about influencing the national politics for some time now.