TDP’s Bizarre Demand Against Ceiling Fans

Thursday, March 14th, 2019, 04:15:12 PM IST

According to bizarre media reports, TDP activists in Kuppam constituency are demanding the removal of ceiling fans from all government offices ahead of the elections.

The Telugu Desam party leaders have alleged that the ceiling fan, which is also the electoral party symbol of the opposition YSRCP, would influence voters across the state.

In their letter to the Tehsildar’s office, the TDP activists and leaders wrote “Since the ceiling fan is the symbol of the YSRCP, whoever comes into government offices would be influenced. So, election authorities must remove the YSRCP ceiling fan symbol from offices,”

Speaking to the media, Ramakuppam Tehsildar Janardhan Shetti confirmed that the office has received a complaint against ceiling fans.

“They’re saying that since it is a party symbol, it would influence the voters who walk into these premises. We have reported the matter to the concerned Returning Officer. The Election Commission will act on such complaints,” Shetti said.

Chittoor District Revenue Officer Gangadhar Goud has termed the complaint as ‘frivolous’.

“How practical will it be to ask that pens be prohibited because the pen is a party symbol? Tomorrow, someone will come and seeks that cycles or glasses be banned. These are necessities in regular life. They can only seek the removal of symbols if they are of a specific colour.” , Gangadhar Goud told the media.

Last week, the YSRCP lodged a complaint with the Elections Commission against Christian evangelist KA Paul’s Praja Shanti Party symbol which is a “helicopter”, stating that it was similar to a ceiling fan.