Team India former captain supports arch rivals

Saturday, June 9th, 2018, 05:49:45 PM IST

Saurav Ganguly is considered as one of the best players India has ever produced. The former team India captain registered many memorable victories with his daring and dashing approach while leading the team. Fondly called as Dada, he never shies away to express his opinion on public platforms.

Dada is a hardcore football follower and spoke out about his love towards the game many a time in the past. He frequently states that Brazil is his favorite national team and it has stayed that way for over 30 years. Dada says that the real deal with FIFA world cup comes from the Samba celebrations that Brazil brings in.

On a surprising note, Ganguly recently said that he will be supporting Argentina in the 2018 world cup. This came as a surprise to many people as Brazil and Argentina are considered as the fiercest rivals in world football. Speaking about the world cup, Dada said that Argentina captain, Messi deserves to lift the world cup to accomplish his humongous trophy cabinet.

Ganguly’s decision to support the arch rivals of his favorite team has stunned many of his followers. It has already been reported that the FIFA world cup will be kickstarting on June 14th. Argentina will be facing Iceland in their first match of the tournament.