Telangana : A new CM for every three months?

Sunday, October 7th, 2018, 02:00:27 AM IST

With elections in the state closing in, the regional forces are coming together firmly to dethrone the TRS government. Speaking about this, caretaker IT Minister KTR severely accused the newly formed Mahakutami of the opposition parties.

Speaking at the TRSV State Committee meeting, the TRS leader stated, “I wonder what will happen if this so called Grand Alliance comes into power. Who will be the Chief Minister? All the leaders of the party will be vying for the post. In this case, Telangana will have a new Chief Minister every three months. I hope the bond between all these parties is strong and we should make sure that they don’t divide so it’s easier to defeat them. “

KTR was all praise for TRS Chief KCR and stated that he had made great sacrifices for the state. He went on to list out the success of the different welfare schemes announced by the government. He also promised that every household in the state will have access to 24-hur running water before the elections begin.