Telangana elections in 54 days?

Thursday, October 4th, 2018, 03:25:22 AM IST

Senior Congress Leader Shashi Tharoor stated that the Telangana state would go into elections with in the next 54 days during his speech in the city. He also asserted that the outcome of 2014 elections was a mistake by the Electorate and that’s why TRS came to power.

Speaking at a public platform, the Congress leader stated, “BJP and TRS have done huge injustice to the state. They have fallen short of the all the promises they made in 2014 and have introduced new policies like GST that are disastrous. Voting for KCR means voting for BJP. People of Telangana should not do the mistake again by voting for TRS.”

The Senior Congress leader went on criticizing the BJP led NDA government on the Rafale deal, and its policies like GST and Demonetisation. He pressed on that the two parties were in unision and the political brawls are only a farce to fool the people.