Telangana elections: Prajakutami pinning hopes on Naidu?

Thursday, December 6th, 2018, 10:30:04 AM IST

Telangana elections have reached the climax stage and there is just 1 more day left for the polling procedure. Election management is going to take the center stage now.

Apparently, Prajakutami leaders are looking up to Chandrababu Naidu now. The latter’s polling management skills are next to none in the country. Mobilizing crowds, fund distribution, and efficiency are the all-important tasks now and Babu has mastered them all over the years.

This was very much evident during the 2014 AP elections as TDP managed to turn the tide in their favor, despite the fact that Jagan had a humongous following among all sections of the voters.

Can Babu repeat a similar feat in Telangana? Well, that is a task easier said than done and we need to wait and watch if Babu can pull it off this time around.