The man and the mind behind Mega alliance in Telangana : Revanth Reddy.

Monday, September 17th, 2018, 09:19:09 PM IST

Most people with good knowledge of politics were recently calling the Telangana election a one sided affair. But now, the tables have turned in the blink of an eye .David in the night has become Goliath by morning .

Revanth might have left TDP a while ago, but he has put to great use of his still strongly prevailing ties with former allies and colleagues. Without Revanth, the discussions couldn’t have been wrapped up in such a less period of time with utmost confidentiality. If bringing TDP and Congress wasn’t a small feat, he iced the cake with the addition of CPI and Kondandram’s party.

Irrespective of the election results, this alliance will go down as one of it’s kind in the political history of twin states. Despite the mega alliance, things still look uphill for the Congress led allies. No wonder strengths are still are mismatch considering the wave of TRS in recent past.