Review : Vinaya Vidheya Rama

Friday, January 11th, 2019, 06:44:35 PM IST

Mega Powerstar Ram Charan’s action entertainer, Vinaya Vidheya Rama is riding on high expectations as it is Charan’s subsequent film after blockbuster Rangasthalam. Directed by Boyapati Sreenu, the film has hit the screens today. Let’s check how it is.


Vinaya Vidheya Rama is the story of five orphan brothers, who have a thick bonding. Elder brother Prashanth being an election commission officer questions the anti-social activities of Vivek Oberoi and this leads to big trouble in the family. Rest of the story is how Ram faces the powerful villain and saves his family.


Director Boyapati Sreenu has once again kept hopes on his abilities and came up with a regular story that banks on family emotions. His narration has many flaws but he makes things interesting by inserting his trademark action blocks at crucial stages. The pre-interval fight followed by interval episode is good and sets the right tone for the proceedings.

Acting wise Charan is not that great but managed to deliver a decent performance. He proved his strengths in fights and dances by giving the best efforts. Heroine Kiara Advani is beautiful on the screen but her role duration is limited.

Four actors who acted as Charan’s brother are okay in their roles. It is good to see Prashanth on screen after a long time. Sneha and other ladies as sisters-in-law are decent. Vivek Oberoi and Mukesh Rishi are impressive in their roles as baddies.

Plus Points:

Ram Charan’s dances and fights

Ram Konidela dialogue sequence and Pre-interval action block

Thassadheeya and Rama Loves Sita songs

Minus Points:

Poor storyline


Second half


All in all, Vinaya Vidheya Rama is a routine action film that banks mainly on its commercial elements. Ram Charan impresses with his dances and makes it a one time watch for the fans but others may not like it.

Rating : 2.5/5

Vinaya Vidheya Rama Telugu Movie Review