What’s cooking up?? TRS manifesto conundrums

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018, 06:59:41 PM IST

Everybody is very eager as to find out the components of TRS manifesto which is scheduled to be released any time soon. It is quite assumable that the Manifesto committee appointed by KTR is receiving a lot of suggestions in the last few days.

Every ethnic, religious, caste based groups are raining suggestions to the manifesto committee. A few groups and unions belonging to different walks of life have been heard to quote huge amounts of money, buildings and planned infrastructure as a part of their obligatory suggestions. A few groups have even sent suggestions based on vote bank politics and number of votes bound to be influenced by the additional suggestion to the manifesto.

These suggestions and additions seem to be never ending as every group finding new things for the manifesto. Apparently TRS manifesto committee has begun to softly decline offers and suggestions from different groups and unions. Political circles assume that the manifesto will be heavily centred around Farmer loan waivers, revision in public education policy, Increased pensions for holders and student loan waivers.

A lot is expected from TRS manifesto as that will serve as the deal breaker for the Pink army.