Where is KCR now?

Monday, September 17th, 2018, 12:37:53 PM IST

Recently, Telangana chief minister had announced that he would conduct 100 meetings in the next fifty days in as many as 100 different constituencies. But it is to be noticed, that KCR has not been a part of any meeting in the last ten days.

Political intellectuals allegedly suspect that there is plenty wrong inside the TRS camp. After the list of 105 candidatures was released, the TRS camp is seeing nothing short of a hurricane or cyclone. It is to be learned from reliable sources that there is heavy dissatisfaction among different factions and groups of TRS regarding the distribution of tickets.

It is an open fact that a few of them have even resorted to open revolt and have not sighed away from indicating displeasure on public platforms. After such a disheartening and disgusting aftermath combined with never-ending internal feuds, it is to be learned from reliable sources that KCR is now regretting a lot of his decisions. Allegedly, there is planning being done by the TRS think tank to replace as many as 40 candidatures from the 105 list.

Another major obstacle to creating a bigger headache for KCR would be the opposition alliance formation. The opposition looks gigantic suddenly, which was formerly looking like a win-win scenario for TRS. Let us see how things turn out to be.