Who is TDP’s next lady firebrand !

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018, 06:17:25 PM IST

It’s a popular tradition in Telugu states that every political party has a lady firebrand who can take on any opposition and deliver stunning speeches as this can vastly improve the craze and popularity of the party.

Ever since Roja left TDP, they have been lacking a strong lady for the party who can irk the opposition with strong vocal skills and daring approach. TDP is now looking to fill the void by bringing in either Vani Viswanath or Jeevitha to tackle Roja who is currently in YSRCP.

TDP leaders are opting for Jeevitha as they believe she has a better grip on the issues in the state and can perfectly fit into the party requirements. It’s about time that we see a new lady hotshot from TDP.