Why are political parties neglecting this move in the fight for SCS?

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018, 04:09:48 PM IST

All the political high drama around the fight for special status yielded very minimal results as the political parties in Andhra Pradesh saw the issue as a political move to attract voters. This was very clear when the likes of YCP and TDP started criticising each other during crux time when unity was of utmost importance. These parties let the political rivalry get the better of them and sidetracked the actual fight, limiting the agitations to resigns and protests.

If we dig into the past, we can clearly observe that any great movement needs a great deal of dedication and understanding on the issue. Many leaders opted for indefinite hunger strikes for a greater cause. For instance, Telangana CM, KCR sat for a hunger strike and the Telangana movement reached never-before heights and the central government was left with no other option but to divide the state.

The big question is why are the political leaders in AP neglecting this move(indefinite hunger strike)? Our leaders are constantly claiming that they are ready to do anything for the welfare of the public but backing down to take this serious decision. At a time when financial support is the only prospect that can save AP, the politicians are leaving the stern fight for special category status to the air.

All we can do is wait and watch if Jagan, Pawan, or Chandra Babu will sit on an indefinite hunger strike, demanding special category status for the state.