Why is Rahul Gandhi following Chandra Babu?

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018, 01:15:02 PM IST

Chandra Babu is known for political brilliance and expertise, making him one of the most respected leaders in national level. His political strategies were a tough nut to crack for Jagan, who failed to cash in on his craze and eventually lost the golden opportunity to form the government in his first term.

During 2009 general elections, Chandra Babu laced out a master plan to form a Mahakutami with literally every opposition party(CPI, CPM, TRS, etc.) in united Andhra Pradesh. Babu tried to develop negativity against Rajasekhar Reddy by gaining support from other parties. The main motive behind this move was to make the most out of public backlash on the ruling party However, this move failed big time and Congress retained power under Rajasekhar Reddy’s leadership.

Currently, the president of Congress, Rahul Gandhi is looking to repeat a similar feat by forming a mega alliance with anti-BJP parties in the country. Rahul is hoping that the negativity on the Modi-led BJP government will come in handy for this alliance. He has already invited the chiefs of various national parties to discuss about a potential alliance for 2019 elections.

Well, if there is a huge backlash, BJP will not be able to conquer enough MP seats in the following elections, making it tough for them to form the government. This gives the chance for regional parties to prove their mettle on the national level but forming an anti-BJP alliance before the general elections will send wrong signals to the public. We should wait and watch if this mega alliance idea will solidify.