Will Akkineni hero dominate Bellamkonda?

Monday, December 3rd, 2018, 08:00:05 PM IST

If the latest reports are to go by, Akkineni Sumanth’s Subramaniapuram and Bellamkonda Srinivas’s Kavacham are releasing this weekend(December 7th).

Interestingly, Kavacham is a much bigger project than Subramaniyapuram when it comes to budget and star cast. However, people are showing more interest in Sumanth’s film than on Bellamkonda’s.

The trailer of Subramaniapuram evoked decent buzz but Kavacham’s trailer did not help the film a bit. The routine setup and mediocre plot have weekend the buzz around the film.

Can the Akkineni hero make the most out of it and put up a dominating performance at the box office? We have to wait till December 7th.