Will Pawan rescue buyers!

Thursday, January 18th, 2018, 04:31:00 PM IST

Following the disastrous run of Pawan Kalyan’s latest movie, Agnaathavasi, buyers of the movie have lost a huge chunk of money as the movie could end up with 60 crores loss.

Pawan had the tradition of returning the money when his movies bombed at the box office in the past. But, that’s not the case now as he is remaining silent even when the buyers of his movie are suffering from huge losses. His last two movies, Sardaar and Katamarayudu are examples of the same. The buyers of these movies protested against Kalyan, demanding him to help them but there was no reply from his side.

Agnathavasi is doing even poor at the box office, the losses from this movie could be equal to the combined deficit of his last two movies. Distributors are hoping that Pawan saves them at least this time or few of them are in deep trouble financially.