Will Ram Charan give a new career to Kaushal?

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018, 05:36:04 PM IST

If the latest rumors about Ram Charan-Boyapati Sreenu project are anything to go by, Kaushal will be starring in a key role in the movie.

Apparently, Boyapati Sreenu was impressed with Kaushal’s persona and attitude in the Bigg Boss house. The star director tried to rope in Kaushal for his next project with Balakrishna but received a negative response from the senior actor.

Well, if Boyapati really decides to rope in Kaushal, he needs to make some major tweaks to the script of RC 12. However, he is very eager to bring in Kaushal as it can add a lot of buzz to the movie.

Technically, the project may take 2 more months to get completed and that leaves Boyapati with enough time to make the necessary changes. It needs to be seen if Ram Charan will accept his director’s proposal. If yes, Will Ram Charan give a new career to Kaushal? We have to wait and watch.