YCP leaders asked to vote for TDP

Sunday, November 18th, 2018, 09:37:51 PM IST

YCP’s state leader and former MP Y V Reddy shocked everyone with his statements at the YCP meeting in Jaggampet. He ordered the YCP leaders to vote for the TDP candidate in that constituency.

Speaking at the meeting, the senior YCP leader asked all the party members in the meeting to vote for Jyothula Nehru, who is the TDP contestant of Jaggampet. The political leaders present were utterly shocked by his statement, more so after YCP youth leader Ananthababu also repeated the same thing.

The members present on the stage interrupted the speech and corrected both leaders of their mistake. Both the leaders realized their mistake and asked everyone to vote for the YCP contestant Jyothula Chantibabu. However this did not stop the YCP leaders from raising their eyebrows at the leaders.