You said that more than 29 times, Babu

Friday, June 8th, 2018, 12:07:41 PM IST

Andhra Pradesh chief minister, Chandra Babu Naidu is one of the senior most politicians in the country. The TDP chief worked with many national level leaders in the past and carved a name for himself in the neighboring states as well. He claims that he rejected the opportunity to take charge as the prime minister of the country not once but twice.

After calling it quits with NDA, Babu has been firing on BJP whenever he makes a public appearance. A similar incident took place at the Nava Nirmana Deeksha that was recently held at Chittoor district. Babu said that TDP did the right thing by coming out of the NDA alliance as the saffron party has been cheating the state for 4 years. As he frequently does, Babu said that he visited Delhi 29 times, but could not gather enough attention to the fight for special status.

It needs to be said that Babu has been making similar claims(29 visits) more than 29 times in his recent meetings. Sadly, Babu is putting all his effort to confront BJP and improve the mileage of his political party. If he was really against the negligance shown by BJP, he should have quit the alliance a while ago and start the fight for special status. Waving goodbyes a year before the general elections and speaking financial numbers and criticising allies is a bad move, opine political experts.