Bollywood gets a major boosting

Saturday, June 5th, 2021, 07:32:31 PM IST

Bollywood has been adversely affected due to coronavirus, as Mumbai is the home of Bollywood. Maharashtra, especially Mumbai, have been the worst affected due to coronavirus during both the wave of the pandemic. Maharashtra has managed to cope up well, with a high percentage of vaccination in the state.

The government of Maharashtra gave a green signal to reopening theatres in the state, at 50% occupancy from Monday. Permissions have also been given for films to get back to shooting. This is a major sign of relief for Bollywood, which put up with the worst due to coronavirus.

On the other hand, despite having faced its own share of problems, and continuing to do so, Tollywood has been a lot luckier than Bollywood, with films performing well at the box office, after the first wave. Even Tollywood is expected to get back in action from the end of June, or the first week of July.