Bunny disappointed with Trivikram?

Sunday, November 18th, 2018, 07:06:49 PM IST

If the rumors that are being circulated amongst the film circles are to be believed, Allu Arjun will soon be working with Trivikram for the third time in his career.

This movie will be officially launched in December but the interesting update is that Trivikram is yet to lock the final script of the film. He is confused whether to remake of a Bollywood film or go ahead with his own idea.

This seems to be troubling Allu Arjun, who did not sign a movie for the past 6 months and his fans are adding more pressure on him. At the same time, Bunny cannot urge Trivikram as an undercooked story can end up like Agnyathavasi and that is exactly the opposite of what the mega hero wants right now.

All in all, Bunny is said to be disappointed with Trivikram but he has no other option left to work with the ace director.