Can Pawan’s heroine bounce back!

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018, 01:32:29 PM IST

Success is literally everything in the movie industry, there have been numerous instances proving the same. With consecutive hits, anyone will be in the top spot and the vice versa if you’re in a bad run.

Malayali beauty, Anu Emanuel is facing a similar situation as she faced a huge debacle with Pawan’s Agnathavasi. This movie bombed at the box office, drying up opportunities for this young beauty. She lost the chance to work in Trivikram’s next movie with NTR and Boyapati-Charan project.

Only time can tell if this beauty can bounce back from this low phase of her career. But, nothing’s lost as of now, she’s just 20 years old and has a flurry of opportunities in her hand.