Controversial star kid to be launched very soon?

Thursday, March 4th, 2021, 01:31:35 AM IST

Abhiram Daggubati is the younger brother of Rana Daggubati. A few years ago, Abhiram was at the centre of a huge controversy and has been lying low ever since then. According to the latest reports, Abhiram’s father, Suresh Babu, is planning to launch his son.

Ravi Babu is said to be the director of this film, and he is said to have impressed Suresh Babu with his story. Suresh Babu reportedly decided on Ravi Babu as the director because he excels at delivering a good film in a stipulated amount of time, and in a tight budget as well.

Suresh Babu planned to launch Abhiram a long time ago, but all plans were put on hold after Abhiram’s name was pulled into controversies. Here’s hoping that things turn out well for them with this film.