Director gives a strong reply to trolls!

Friday, March 5th, 2021, 04:28:51 PM IST

Director Venky Kudumula scored back-to-back hits with his debut Chalo, and last year’s Bheeshma. Since Bheeshma dealt with organic farming, a person named Naveen suggested the director apply for National Film Awards. In the process, Venky got duped, and Naveen extracted more than Rs. 60,000 from the director.

Trolls were quick to call out director Venky Kudumal for being so naive and trusting someone so easily. They even called him out for being ignorant about how the process for applying for National Awards works.

Reacting to these trolls, Venky explained his version, saying that everyone’s been in his shoes. He said that it was important for him to open up about this so that no one else would get duped. Venky also said that he found something to be off when Naveen asked him to send another Rs. 60,000, saying that he would get a refund. Upon checking the account details, Venky realized that the account belonged to an individual, and not to any film corporation, which is when he had his suspicions.