Is Ilayaraja’s Story Worth It?

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020, 02:06:45 PM IST

There’s a current trend of biopics going on in the Indian Film Industry. Wherever you see, there’s a new biopic of a popular person or a person in history. Biopics have been made on cricketers, politicians and even movie personalities, and now, a biopic, the first of its kind is in the making.

The latest person to join the club is Maestro Ilayaraja. In a recent statement, his son Yuvan Shankar Raja announced that he is planning to make a biopic on his father’s life, titled Raja – The Journey, directed by himself. Ilayaraja not only scored music in all the southern languages, but has also scored music for several successful Hindi films, and still continues to do so. Ilayaraja is especially famous for merging several Carnatic and classical tunes to bring out unique and mesmerizing songs and music.

Yuvan Shankar Raja also said that he is very keen on casting actor Dhanush as the Maestro in the film since he would perfectly fit the role. It is now to be seen if Dhanush will indeed play the Maestro, or give up the role. If this film does get made, then it is surely going to be one of the best musical films in the latest times, with a few original songs, and most hopefully, a recreation of all the legendary songs composed by Ilayaraja. Of course, we would have Dhanush’s extraordinary performance to back it all up, in case he agrees to do the film.