Is this Sunil’s last option to survive?

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020, 03:11:48 PM IST

Sunil was the top most comedian in Tollywood, at one point of time. He was there in almost every movie, and his comic timing was unparalleled. However, he then decided to quit comic roles and ventured into playing the lead.

While a few movies worked out in his favour, most of them turned out to be huge disasters, resulting in the sinking of his career graph. Ever since then, Sunil has been trying to make a strong comeback into comedy, but he hasn’t been able to do that yet. He has also started to play other roles, including negative ones since then, and is still trying for a good break.

According to the latest reports, Sunil has bought the remake rights to a Marathi film, and is going to make his directorial debut. He has also reportedly impressed a producer to produce this film. If things go well, Sunil might finally be able to get his big break with this film.

Here’s hoping and wishing Sunil all the luck in the world. May he get the break he deserves.