Is Varun Tej competing with Nani?

Monday, October 21st, 2019, 12:20:25 PM IST

After an initial struggling, mega hero Varun Tej tasted his first success with Shekar Kammula’s Fidaa. Though his sci-fi drama, Antariksham bombed at the box office, there is no looking back for Varun as his films like Tholiprema, F2 and Gaddalakonda Ganesh had been declared as hits at the box office.

Meanwhile, the latest gossip among the film circles is that Varun has hiked his remuneration post the success of his recent outing Gaddalakonda Ganesh. As per the sources, he is demanding 8 crores as his salary for the new projects. Interesting thing is that only Nani is charging the above-mentioned amount in the young generation heroes. At a quick analysis, despite mixed reports, Nani last two films, Gang Leader and Jersey witnessed good opening at the box office but the same is not the case with Varun Tej as his flop film Antariksham failed to generate minimum opening.

Industry biggies say that Nani charging 8 to 10 crores for a film is reasonable as he has crowd-pulling capacity but Varun Tej’s demand is too high as he is yet to achieve the star status. Now, the discussion on Varun Tej’s remuneration has become a trending topic among the moviegoers.

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