Jr NTR’s look lands RRR in a huge controversy

Saturday, October 24th, 2020, 03:00:00 PM IST

A couple of days ago, the second teaser of RRR featuring Jr NTR was unveiled by the makers and it garnered a good response from the audience.

Incidentally, Jr NTR’s look in the film has created a huge controversy now as Adivasi groups are objecting Tarak’s appearance in the teaser.

“Jr NTR is playing our leader Komuram Bheem in the film. In the teaser, he is seen with Taqiah, a cap used by muslims and that is objectionable. Bheem never wore anything as such. Rajamouli should have refrained from projecting Bheem as a muslim,” they said.

Komuram Bheem Yuvasena in Utnur, Adilabad protested against RRR unit for projecting Bheem as a muslim in the film.

“Bheem fought against Nizam rule in real life. But in the film he is shown as a Muslim and that is not acceptable,” Yuvasena leaders said.

We need to wait and see how RRR unit will react to these latest developments.