Madhavan is the only actor supporting this film

Thursday, October 1st, 2020, 09:47:57 PM IST

Versatile actor R. Madhavan seems to be the only person who is encouraging the OTT release of his upcoming film Nishabdham. Madhavan stars opposite Anushka, as her husband and a cello artist in the film.

Speaking about the OTT release, Madhavan said that it is in fact a boon for the film to get a direct OTT release as it would reach a higher number of audience through an OTT platform. Madhavan also said that while the experience of watching a movie in a theatre can never be paralleled, the world of OTT provides a safer environment in the current times.

Madhavan has been the only person who has been positive about the release of Nishabdam so far, with reports surfacing that Anushka is very much unhappy with an OTT release, which is why she is not promoting the film.