Monal hints at what Niharika has already said!

Saturday, January 9th, 2021, 11:26:54 PM IST

Monal Gajjar has become the most popular Bigg Boss contestant right now, with the limelight favoring her more than anyone else. She has been bagging continuous offers from several filmmakers and show runners as well.

Previously, Bigg Boss contestant Niharika had hinted at Bigg Boss being a scripted show, and now Monal has spoken similarly. She said that the makers of Bigg Boss used to tell her what to wear, in order to attract audiences.

Monal also said that the reason for her wearing short clothes is the makers. With these comments, several people have chimed in to say that the romantic angle between Monal, Akhil and Abhijeet is also a part of the script, and that there’s nothing there. Fans of the show though, are saying that these are also false statements, and that the show is not scripted.