Nani ignoring his director?

Friday, February 14th, 2020, 02:51:45 PM IST

Natural Star Nani set up his own production house WalPoster Cinema and introduced director Prasanth Varma with his first film. Prashanth Varma gave his directorial debut with ‘Awe!’ and surprised everyone with the amazing film.

Prashanth’s second film was Kalki with Rajashekar, and that was a disaster at the box office. While everyone was wondering what the director’s next film could be, he announced his plans to make a sequel to Awe, Awe2. Prashanth failed to find a proper producer for the film, which surprised everyone.

Sources said that Nani was not happy with Prashanth’s script, because of which he was not interested in producing the film. Sources also said that this caused a rift between Nani and Prashanth.

In a recent tweet, Prashanth said that he did not approach Nani with the film’s script since Nani wants to introduce new talent and that nothing is wrong in between the two of them.