Nani’s film is the reason for this

Friday, June 4th, 2021, 08:06:28 PM IST

Natural Star Nani’s V, his 25th film, has been the only major film that directly released on OTT so far. There were high expectations on V, but the film disappointed audiences upon its release.

His film got a direct OTT release due to theatres being shut down last year, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This year, Tollywood is yet again facing a similar situation, with theatres shut down due to the second wave of coronavirus.

With Nani’s V leaving a bad taste for everyone involved, everyone in the industry has come to the conclusion that audiences wouldn’t accept a film that gets a direct OTT release, and that somehow, their standards would be lowered. As a result, no actor is currently in a mood to release their films directly on OTT platforms, which has become the reason for major financial stress for producers.