New rule to be passed in Tollywood about dubbing films?

Saturday, January 23rd, 2021, 01:22:16 AM IST

Krack producer Tagore Madhu is said to have approached the Producer’s council recently, following several issues over the release and distribution of films during the festival season. Previously, Krack distributor, Wrangal Srinu accused Dil Raju of snatching away all the screens allocated to Krack, to release the moves that Raju was distributing. This caused some major problems for Krack in the Nizam area.

Many producers and distributors in the past also, have felt that allocating more screens for dubbed films is not the best idea, especially when Telugu films are releasing at the same time. Also, several people believe that it is not even the right thing to let dubbed films release during festivals, when there are other Telugu films releasing.

In Tamil Nadu, the first preference is given to Tamil films, after which the remaining theaters are distributed to films from other languages. This matter is considered to be taken seriously by the Producers council, and a decision is expected to be taken soon.