No theaters to open in Telugu states from tomorrow

Thursday, October 15th, 2020, 02:20:25 AM IST

The Government of India had released a GO a few days ago, in which it stated that theaters across the country could be reopened from October 15th. However, the theater owners association in the Telugu states have decided not to open theaters in the states until a later date.

Even multiplexes will not be opening in the Telugu states from tomorrow, as there is not enough content to be shown. On the other hand, a crucial meeting is said to take place this Saturday, in which the reopening of the theaters in the states will be discussed, and the safety norms that are to be followed will be discussed.

Since the spread of Coronavirus hasn’t reduced in the Telugu states, that is also said to be another reason for not opening the theaters from tomorrow. Theaters are not said to reopen in Chennai as well, from tomorrow, for the same reasons.

Theaters are expected to be reopened and properly functioning by Christmas, which is when several producers are reportedly planning to release their films.