Pawan’s timely intervention saves Agnyaathavaasi’s team?

Sunday, January 7th, 2018, 04:17:10 AM IST

Just a few days ahead of the film’s release, the makers of Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s landmark 25th film, Agnyaathavaasi, received a huge jolt from leading Bollywood production house T Series. The popular music label honchos had sent a notice to Agnyaathavaasi’s producer, alleging that the film has similarities with the hit French film Largo Winch.

Incidentally, T Series had acquired Largo Winch’s remake rights. Apparently, T Series had demanded a whopping 10 crore from Agnyaathavaasi’s makers to settle the issue. This literally shocked the producers, who are about to release the film in a few days.

In this scenario, Pawan is said to have understood the producer’s plight and he immediately intervened to solve the issue. Pawan is rumored to have personally spoken to T Series heads in Mumbai and settled the issue by agreeing to pay less than a crore. With this, the line is clear for Agnyaathavaasi’s release and everyone can now take a deep breath.