Pokiri is a flop when compared to this movie: RGV

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018, 10:15:57 AM IST

RGV stays in the news for one reason or another, he mastered the trick of emulating controversial events with his own style of criticism and weird love he shows for some people.

Recently, RGV tweeted about director Puri Jagan’s next movie, Mehbooba with his son Akash Puri as the male lead. RGV stated that this movie is looking more promising and engaging than Puri’s Blockbuster movie, Pokiri, which took the industry with a storm and rewrote many records in the process. Comparing this movie to Mehbooba surely rises many eyebrows in the cine circle.

RGV surely knows how to spice up any event and this tweet is just an example.