Prashanth Varma clears the air on Zombie Reddy’s controversy

Thursday, August 13th, 2020, 11:40:46 AM IST

A few days back, director Prashanth Varma announced a film called Zombie Reddy. The title and context of the film were quite appreciated as it is the first Telugu film set on Zombies.

But a few people from a particular community are not happy with the title and have demanded the makers to change the title. So, taking things seriously, director Prashanth Varma himself made a video and cleared the air.

In his video, Prashanth says that the film is set in the Kurnool region and there is no degrading any community in the film and that will be known only when the film is out.

The director also adds that the story happens in Kurnool and how the people in that area save the world. So, the character of Zombie Reddy will be heroic and will not malign any community or its feelings.