Producers once again taking heavy financial burden

Thursday, May 6th, 2021, 04:26:32 PM IST

Tollywood producers usually depend on external finances to produce a film. If a film is delayed for some reason, these producers are in for a major loss, as they would have to pay interest for the amount that they have taken, which would be a huge financial burden for them.

Many producers suffered due to this burden during the first wave of Coronavirus. However, things looked fantastic after theatres reopened, and everyone started to breathe again. With the second wave of Coronavirus devastating the entire country currently, situations have once again become bad.

Film releases have been postponed, and some films have been stopped midway through shooting. All of this is causing a major financial burden to Tollywood producers once again. Situations will get better only once theatres reopen again, but that it at least three months away.