Puri’s entire focus shifts to just one thing!

Sunday, June 6th, 2021, 01:04:18 AM IST

Puri Jagannath is one of those directors who knows exactly how to show a certain actor and change the actor with just one movie entirely. Fans eagerly wait for their favourite actor to work with Puri because the results of working with him are the most yielding.

Puri is currently working on Vijay Deverakonda’s Liger, which is being made on a pan-Indian scale. There are a lot of expectations on this film as it marks Vijay’s first pan-Indian film, and because Bollywood star producer Karan Johar is producing it.

According to the latest reports, Puri is looking forward to doing more films in the North, pan-Indian films, or Bollywood films, and his sole concentration is said to be on the same as well. Given that Puri previously directed Amitabh Bachchan himself, in Buddha Hoga Tera Baap, and delivered a success, it would be interesting to see his next ventures in the North.