Rajamouli to announce a release date very soon?

Wednesday, January 20th, 2021, 01:14:14 AM IST

Rajamouli is one of the very few directors in India, and the only director in Tollywood so far, who has never delivered an unsuccessful film. All of his films tap into the audience’s mindset and turn out to be blockbusters.

Rajamouli and the team of RRR have today tweeted that the shooting for the climax of the film has begun, and that they are very excited. After the climax is done, Rajamouli will be wrapping up the shooting of the film in February, with a song between Ram Charan and Alia Bhatt, and other scenes.

With the climax portion of the film now being shot, several sources are saying that the team of RRR will very soon announce a release date. It is being speculated that RRR might release for Dasara 2021. It will most certainly be a double festival for everyone, in case RRR releases for Dasara 2021.