Rajamouli upset with Mathu Vadalara

Thursday, December 12th, 2019, 03:04:35 PM IST

Keeravani’s son, singer Kaala Bhairavaa is all set to debut along with Sri Simha Koduri in the film Matthu Vadalara. The film is set to release on December 25th.

This marks the first time that Kaala Bhairavaa is set to appear on the screen. The recently released trailer of the film has garnered some excitement from viewers for the film. Is Rajamouli happy, however?

There’s not much buzz around the film, and there is not much publicity going on either. Rajamouli just tweeted about the film once, and then never said anything. There has been very little support from him. This makes us doubt if Rajamouli was okay with Kaala Bhairavaa debuting as an actor.

There are many singers who turned actors and failed to gain popularity or feature in more films. Will Kaala Bhairavaa prove to be different than the others, or will his acting career be restricted to this one film? What would Rajamouli think?