Shriya: Prabhas has mesmerizing eyes

Friday, July 10th, 2020, 03:00:52 AM IST

Prabhas, without any second thoughts, is a pan-India superstar now, thanks to the tremendous success of Baahubali duology. He enjoys a nation-wide following and has gained a strong market in Hindi circuit as well.

Coming to the topic, Shriya, who paired up with Prabhas in ‘Chatrapathi’ made an interesting comment while speaking about the macho star during her social media live session.

“Prabhas has mesmerizing eyes and he is an excellent co-star. It was really great working with him,” she said.

Speaking about Rajamouli’s upcoming film, RRR, Shriya said she is very much excited to work with the lead cast and the master technician himself.

Shriya will be seen as Ajay Devgan’s partner in the film. RRR will be releasing in the lather half of 2021.