Sye Raa to suffer a massive 50 crores loss?

Wednesday, October 16th, 2019, 03:44:45 PM IST

Yes, you heard it right. Sye Raa is a film that has made the fans of Chiranjeevi happy but not the makers, Ram Charan. The film is doing well in Telugu but sadly, that is not the case in other languages.

Even though the film has crossed the 100 crore mark in Telugu, it is a big flop elsewhere. The makers, Ram Charan sold the pre-release rights of the film for some whopping amounts but the distributors will suffer badly at the end of the film’s run.

The trade is of the opinion that Ram Charan should have only catered the film to the Telugu audience, then the film would have been safe. Sye Raa is only in a safe zone in areas like Nizam, Vizag and a few other regions but the rest are yet to recover the pre-release business.

The film will lose 5 crores straight in the overseas and a whopping 12 crores in Karnataka. Ram Charan has made some handsome deals with the satellite and other rights of the film but all that has been compensated in other region’s losses.

In languages like Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam, the film is a disaster flop and has left several distributors reeling. This leaves Ram Charan and his team in losses up to 50 crores as the film has been made on a budget of over 260 crores which many feel was not at all necessary.

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