Theaters to be open in Hyderabad from this date?

Monday, September 14th, 2020, 03:01:51 PM IST

All Cinema Theaters in India were shut down in March, due to the weidspread onset of Coronavirus, and the nationwide lockdown that was declared as a result. Ever since then, not a single theater has reopened in the country.

With the economy of the country taking a huge hit, the Central Government devised a slow and gradual plan to unlock the country. Almost every place is now up and running, except movie theatres, which pose a great threat to the safety of everyone.

According to the latest reports, it is being said that the Center will give permission to reopen theatres from October 15th. Multiplexes would open immediately, and Bollywood and Hollywood films would be shown.

It is also being said that Tollywood producers are planning to reopen theaters from Dussehra, as a trial run, and slowly start showing films. Almost all theater owners are ready to take the initial losses, but are confident that the situations will get better by Sankranthi, whether or not a vaccine is in place.