This Bollywood superstar is back at it again!

Monday, November 30th, 2020, 05:28:05 PM IST

Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgn is playing a crucial role in Rajamouli’s RRR, and even completed shooting for a major part of it before the lockdown, this year. However, not all of his parts have completed shooting.

The actor is scheduled to join the sets of RRR once again from tomorrow, and finish shooting for the rest of his parts. Shirya Saran is also expected to join the shoot. Rajamouli will be shooting for the flashback sequences, of which Ajay Degn will be a part of.

On the other hand, Alia Bhatt is still to join the shooting, and as of now, there’s no clarity over when she will start shooting for her apart. RRR is expected to release sometime next year, and the official release date is expected to be announced in the early half of 2021.