Tollywood transitioning into a new era in the absence of theaters

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020, 01:55:49 PM IST

Movie watching experience has been greatly altered for the Indian audience in the last 6 months, at a very rapid rate. Film theaters have been the staple to film watching experience, but everything’s been changed with the onset of Coronavirus.

Digital platforms have seen a boom with the lockdown, and pay per view platforms are gaining popularity with every passing day. With theaters not set to reopen very soon, small time filmmakers are looking to release their films on pay per view platforms, so that there would be profits for everyone involved, and so that the audiences would also benefit from watching the film in their comfort zones.

While big films would not be impacted by these, as they still would be released in theaters when things get better, this platform is now becoming a boon for short films. Pay per view platforms and digital platforms grant smaller films a greater exposure and reach into the audiences, making their films all the more profitable.

Looks like Coronavirus has indeed had some positive results for the film industry, despite the heavy destruction it has done to many lives and livelihoods.