Trivikram’s script for Sunil!

Monday, February 17th, 2020, 08:50:28 PM IST

Comedian Sunil was the star of every movie he acted, with his amazing comedy timing. However, he hasn’t seen much success after becoming a lead actor. Sunil saw disasters as a hero, and has gone back to comedy roles.

Trivikram and Sunil have been Best friends for a long time now, and Sunil initially gained popularity from Trivikram’s films. Trivikram has been offering Sunil roles in his movies recently, and he did commendable job in Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava, and Ala Vaikuntapuramlo, but none of those roles really stood out.

Trivikram is now writing a strong role for Sunil in his upcoming film with Jr. NTR. Sources say that Trivikram is making sure that Sunil’s character has a good screen time, and also great comic timing.

If this works out, then it will be a great comeback for Sunil, and he will once again be flooded with offers!